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YaHshua Is Our Savior
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Christmas and the Birth of the Christ


Was our Messiah Born On Christmas Day?


By Dan Baxley


Christmas is a time of controlled madness, a scramble to buy gifts for friends and family.  The cooking and the baking and the families getting together, some from long distances, renewing connections and meeting new faces.  The climax, for some, is the exchange of gifts around the family evergreen decorated with the false gold and silver and fake snow and lots of lights, piled high around its boughs with colorfully wrapped gifts.  In many ways it is hard to see, if not impossible, how this relates to the birth of out Lord and Christ, YaHshua. 

  It is called the Mass of Christ or Christ-Mass, a religious term blended into the holiday we call Christmas. With this blending we have the legend of Saint Nicholas handing out gifts to small children.  None of this, however, has anything to do with the actual birth of the Messiah, giving gifts to small children and each other, in honor or the Christ Child?  How does this square with Ancient Wise men of the East giving gifts to the new King?  I suppose the innocence of children is being transferred to the birth of our Lord and Savior, who was to die on the Cross, is some how being portrayed in this gesture?  Still, the blending of a Santa Claus and reindeer flying down from the North Pole does not seem to fit with the birth of our Savior.  What does the cutting down of a tree and decorating it have to do with our Savior’s birth? Where does the slaughter of babies and small children, by the order of Herod, have to do with Santa Cauls and Santa’s helpers the elves?  I see no connection, do you?

  The religious implications are there and preached from the pulpit but the exchange out of gifts and the decorating of the tree is a secular, even a pagan practice.  After the Christmas sermons those of the Christian religion join in this secular celebration of gift giving, eating to excess, drinking, and football games.

Note: the word “secular” is defined as – “…worldy or temporal, not overtly or specifically religious, not ecclesiastical or clerical”

   It is considered a Christian custom, not because the Christ was supposed to have been born on this day but because this secular custom is celebrated almost exclusively in countries predominantly of the Christian religion.  This is a pretty good example of a charge laid against the people of Israel.

(Isa 29:13-14)  Wherefore the Lord said, Forasmuch as this people draw near me with their mouth, and with their lips do honor me, but have removed their heart far from me, and their fear toward me is taught by the precept of men:  Therefore, behold, I will proceed to do a marvelous work among this people, even a marvelous work and a wonder: for the wisdom of their wise men shall perish, and the understanding of their prudent men shall be hid.


  Did you ever wonder why “wise” teachers and leaders among the Christian religion fail to see these things or to teach this obvious truth?  Why is this holiday, with its pagan and secular past, is adopted by the Church?

But Wait, it is Biblical  -- Christmas is Biblical

  There are those, however, that see this custom of the decorating a tree cut from the forest and the Santa Claus character is some how Christian, holy and good, and is all symbolic of the Birth of our Messiah.

   For those needing to argue about this I believe the secular connection is self evident with the success of this holiday measured in merchant receipts and mandated by the United States of America a Federal Holiday.  As for the pagan application complete with the cutting of the tree and decorating it?  Well, I think we can go to the Bible for that one, too, and it does appear that it is Biblical. 

(Jer 10:2-5)  This is what the LORD (YHWH) says: "Do not learn the ways of the nations or be terrified by signs in the sky, though the nations are terrified by them.  For the customs of the peoples are worthless; they cut a tree out of the forest, and a craftsman shapes it with his chisel. They adorn it with silver and gold; they fasten it with hammer and nails so it will not totter. Like a scarecrow in a melon patch, their idols cannot speak; they must be carried because they cannot walk. Do not fear them; they can do no harm nor can they do any good." NIV

  Jeremiah is speaking of the wooden idols shaped by the hands of men and made into gods to be worshiped but it is hard to escape the similarity of this description with that of the Christian tradition of the Christmas tree.  It does not take a lot of research to discover the traditions of this holiday being heavily connected to pagan tradition of the past.

   The point of my argument is not against this secular holiday, which it is, but that it is a tradition setting aside the truth of our Savior’s birth.  This is a major point in hiding the true identity of our Savior by covering, hiding, the true time of His birth, and in His HOLY DAYS, as delivered to Israel, as times to observe and learn from, as opposed to the a pagan traditions and festivals of pagan origins dating back to the original Babylon.  Some students of Scripture have connected this holiday, December 25, with the birth of a God of Babylon, with the son of Nimrod, Tammuz.  Oh, and that is Biblical too. 

(Eze 8:13)  He said also unto me, Turn thee yet again, and you shall see greater abominations that they do.


(Eze 8:14)  Then he brought me to the door of the gate of the LORD'S (YHWH’s) house which was toward the north; and, behold, there sat women weeping for Tammuz.


(Eze 8:15)  Then said he unto me, Hast thou seen this, O son of man? turn thee yet again, and you shall see greater abominations than these.


(Eze 8:16)  And he brought me into the inner court of the LORD'S house, and, behold, at the door of the temple of the LORD, between the porch and the altar, were about five and twenty men, with their backs toward the temple of the LORD, and their faces toward the east; and they worshipped the sun toward the east.


This is a very interesting revelation given to Ezekiel of what the people and priest were doing and this before the Birth of YaHshua.  After the birth of YaHshua we see the same thing continuing.  Does the holiday Easter come to mind?  Tammuz was a type of Messiah and it appears the very things giving Tammuz honor as a son of god (Nimrod).  His mother (Semiramis) was also worshiped as a goddess.  His name, Tammuz, is associated with the month of December as the month of his birth.  From prophecy the birht of YaHshua cannot be connected to this time of year -- this time, this month, was never the date the first centtury Church associated with our Lord and Savior’s Birth. 




Birth of YaHshua (the Christ –  the anointed) Determined


The New Testament records do reveal a time of His birth.  Like His birth Name so has His time of birth been cover by substitution.  Replacing His true time of birth with another time, a time seemingly connected to another.


To begin we will need to establish the timing of certain events pointing us to His birth and the time of His birth with a two week period.  Zechariah, husband of Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist, must be determined.  Luke, in His Gospel account, gives us the information we need.


Zechariah – John’s Father – Born 6 months Before the Messiah


(Luke 1:5)  In the time of Herod king of Judea there was a priest named Zechariah, who belonged to the priestly division of Abijah; his wife Elizabeth was also a descendant of Aaron.


(Luke 1:8-10)  Once when Zechariah's division was on duty and he was serving as priest before God, he was chosen by lot, according to the custom of the priesthood, to go into the temple of the Lord and burn incense.  And when the time for the burning of incense came, all the assembled worshipers were praying outside.


This period of service, by family, to the Temple, was a time covering one week twice a year and the individual services were determined by casting lots (like, rolling the dice).   At a certain time the “lot” fell on the aged ZecharYaH, a righteous man from the family line of AbiYaH, after the line of Aaron.  Because of the number of individuals eligible in each family, called courses, one person may not ever be selected but once in a life time.  This may very well have been Zechariah’s first service.  His family service was to be in the 8th week which would be fall in the months of IYYAR (4th week of) and SIVAN (first week of).  This service is out lined in 1 Chron 24:5-10.  But there is an exception:  there are 24 courses of service from the division among the families of Aaron and Levi and this only accounts for 48 weeks.  The Hebrew Moon calendar is 51 weeks in a normal year, this leaves 3 weeks hanging.  These 3 missing weeks happen to be 3 Holy Day Festivals.


The three Holyday Festivals require a third service for everyone.  When one of these Holidays comes around then all of the families are eligible for the draft, or the casting of the lots to determine who will serve certain positions but it was a requirement that everyone in the line of the Priests would serve during these weeks to accommodate the increase in traffic from the pilgrims coming to the Festivals.  This would mean that while Zechariah served his week he would also be required to serve an additional week during these particular days.  These courses of service are determine numerically beginning with the first month of the year, NISAN (April), and in the middle of this month the Passover and the feast of Unleavened Bread occur.  This is the first of the 3 Holy Days every one will share in during the year.  This then, pushes Zechariah’s 8th course into the 9th week, each course serving a week.  The count would be week by week until it lands on a one of the 3 Holy Day Festivals, then the counting resumes after the Festival. 


Zechariah’s course of service is then in the 9th week, but something else happens before Zechariah can be released from service.  We now come to the second Holy Day Festival known as Pentecost and this falls in the 10th week.  This means Zechariah must continue for service through the 10th week, meaning his service went on into the 3rd month of known as SIVAN (June)


We are told in the New Testament that it was not until after ZecharYaH had finished his service did Elizabeth conceive, this would be sometime in the month of SIVAN (June).  This is important as some ignore this, thinking Elizabeth could have become pregnant while ZecharYaH was still in service to the Temple but the scripture is plain on this, “After these days his wife Elizabeth conceived …”, not before, or during, but “after”.



Elisabeth, Wife of Zechariah, Mother of John the Baptist


(Luke 1:21)  Meanwhile, the people were waiting for Zechariah and wondering why he stayed so long in the temple.


(Luke 1:22)  When he came out, he could not speak to them. They realized he had seen a vision in the temple, for he kept making signs to them but remained unable to speak.


(Luke 1:23)  When his time of service was completed, he returned home.


(Luke 1:24)  After this his wife Elizabeth became pregnant and for five months remained in seclusion.


(Luke 1:25)  The Lord has done this for me, she said. "In these days he has shown his favor and taken away my disgrace among the people."


Elizabeth remained in seclusion for 5 months, probably because she was afraid that because of her age she really was not pregnant or that some might ridicule her for thinking she was.  At the 5th month, however, she knew and so would everyone else.

At 5 months no one would to deny it. 


Considering the service period of ZecharYaH to the Temple, the 8th course, being then the 10th week finishing in near the middle of the month of SIVAN, the Elizabeth conceives sometime after this period -- putting her conception sometime in the 3rd month.   A good guess would be the second week of SIVAN, depending on when Pentecost fell. 


Moving forward from this time we see Elizabeth ending her seclusion of 5 months bringing us to the 5th month of her pregnancy, the second week of CHESHVAN (8th month of the year), this being the 11th month of our modern calendar, or, November.



Mary and Elizabeth


(Luke 1:26-27)  In the sixth month, God sent the angel Gabriel to Nazareth, a town in Galilee,  to a virgin pledged to be married to a man named Joseph, a descendant of David. The virgin's name was Mary.


(Luke 1:28)  The angel went to her and said, "Greetings, you who are highly favored! The Lord is with you."


(Luke 1:29)  Mary was greatly troubled at his words and wondered what kind of greeting this might be.


(Luke 1:30-31)  But the angel said to her, "Do not be afraid, Mary, you have found favor with God. You will be with child and give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name YaHshua.  (The name JESUS is a modern invention and a deception that is about 400 years old.  Our Savior was born and Named, by His Father, YaHshua) 

We now know when Mary becomes pregnant – sometime during Elizabeth’s 6th month, the 9th month of KISLEV (December).  And there you have it.  It does not take a mathematician to count forward 9 months.  We come to the 6th month of the Hebrew Calendar, ELUL (September).  No where near December. 


If we can speculate a little we can connect a Holy Day to His Birth which may very well give us the day on which He was born.  We know Mary was visited by the Angel in the 6th month of Elizabeth’s pregnancy.  We are not told this is when she, Mary, becomes “with child”.  The Angel Gabriel is passing on a message of something that is going to happen.  When we see our Lord is crucified on Passover and the Holy Spirit is given to the disciples on Pentecost then it would only seem reasonable to think the Birth of our Lord would be on a Holy Day also.  Is there a Holy day that would fall within a 2 week period?  I use 2 weeks as a reasonable time for the fulfillment of what the Angel Gabriel tell Mary.  The answer is yes, there is a Holy Day.  This Holy Day is called the feast of Trumpets.  The trumpets sound the King arrives.  When YaHshua returns it will be announced by the Trumpets.  This seems perfectly suitable and reasonable to say He was born on the very day of the Trumpets which is the 1st day of TISHRI (Sept/Oct).  It is always the 1st day of the month TISHRI but this day, as the other Holy Days, rotates through the days of months and many times runs in and out of the months of the modern calendar, especially this day. 


What happens next, if we accept this reasoning, we can now determine the likely year of His birth.  Computing the numbers to find a time when all of this falls in place we come up with the year 4BC.  Counting the year 0 (zero) as a year puts the modern time of His birth in the year 0 off by 5 years.  This would then mean our Savior’s sacrifice at Passover would have been closer to the year 27-28AD.


There has been a computer computation of this information and the Feast of Trumpets, the 1st of TISHRI, falls right in the middle of the 2 week probability.


I think the connection between  the Plan of our God and the Holy Days should not be ignored -- we see the 7 Holy Days of the Bible pointing to YaHshua and the Plan of God: 


#1 His crucifixion – Passover -- finished

#2 His putting sin away – Days of Unleavened Bread -- finished

#3 His Holy Spirit sent --  Pentecoststill in process


  #4 His coming – Feast of Trumpets – 2nd coming Spirit/Power -- future   


#5 His gathering of humanity to His Father –  Day of Atonementfuture

#6 His establishment of the Kingdom on Earth – Feast of Tabernacles -- future

#7 His coming judgment of the world from the time of Creation -- after the 1000 years are finished – the Last Great Day -- future


7 Holy Days all pointing to YaHshua ending in Last Great Day when the 1000 years are finished. 


It is interesting to note, considering our placement in the outline of His Plan as revealed by the Holy Days of YHWH.  All of these Holy Days point to YaHshua and His coming, first in the “flesh” and next will be in Spirit and Power.  We stand before the Feast of Trumpets which is revealed as the 7 Last Trumpets of the Book of Revelation.  The 7 Trumpets do not sound until we enter the 7th Seal.  It is this Seal that contains the 7 Last Trumpet soundings which finishes with His Return.  When you read about the 6 Seals (Revelation 6:12-17) you will see we, the people this Earth, have not entered into the Last Days as taught by many today.  We are positioned at the 6th Seal and the 1st Trumpet does not sound until we enter the 7th Seal.  You might say we are in the midst of the week, at the half way point.  Does this mean we have another 2000, or more, years to go before our Savior returns?  I have no idea, but it is a possibility, especially if we use the 1000 years is as a day principle many apply to prophecy.  I doubt the validity of this principle as it seems to me it is based upon and assumption and because we have passed up what would be dated as the 6000 day of man’s history, by the Christian account of historical time.  The Jewish counting, however, puts us short of the 6000th year by 228 years (in 2012).  Either way, we have a ways to go, right?  No date setting here, only practical observation.  The fact is, the “end-times”, the Last Great Day of His Plan will be at the end of your life – the day you die.  What this means, in reality, is that however long you live in the flesh and finish up in the grave is all you have.  It does not, or should not matter if it is 200 more years, or a 1000 more years, your time, your personal time, is limited, so the end for you is at your death.


If, according to the Holy Day outline of the Plan, we are only at mid-week, then the speculation would be that we have at least another 1000 (maybe more) years to go before our Savior returns to claim all of the Kingdoms of the Earth as His.


Following this thought we could see YaHshua, born 4 BC, and if we use the 1000 years as a day principle we would actually be in the 2nd day of the week.  The middle, or 3.5 days of the week has not come yet, just as the 6th seal has not happened yet.  It is not until planet Earth crosses into the 7th Seal that the Trumpets begin, that we enter, then, the middle part of the ‘prophetic week”. 


Disappointed you are not going to see His return, that you are going to die?  Well, you are going to die, we are all going to die -- it is His promise to raise us back to life – this is our hope in, our trust and our belief in Him.  Count yourself fortunate if you are not part of the generation to experience this time of testing, when the whole world is virtually turned upside down.  Do you really want to live in the days that our Savior, YaHshua, compared to the days of Noah?  In Noah’s day man had moved so far away from their Creator that they were not worth saving.  Only Noah and his family survived.  We are technically descendant from Noah and his three sons, all other generations of man were destroyed.


We are looking forward to our Savior’s return.  He stands between all of humanities total destruction and Life Eternal, which He offers to all that will receive Him.  He is the only way, the only door, the only source by which we must be saved.  Not maybe, but must, and there is not other Savior, no other Lord, and no other Name by which we must be saved.  


(Act 4:11-12)  He is " 'the stone you builders rejected, which has become the capstone. '  Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved."


 (John 14:6)  YaHshua answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.


(1Co 3:11)  For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is YaHshua the Christ (the anointed).


(1Ti 2:5)  For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man the Christ (the anointed), YaHshua, 


(1Jn 5:10)  Anyone who believes in the Son of God has this testimony in his heart. Anyone who does not believe God has made him out to be a liar, because he has not believed the testimony God (the Father) has given about his Son.


(1Jn 5:11)  And this is the testimony: God (the Father) has given us eternal life, and this life is in his Son.


(1Jn 5:12)  He who has the Son has life; he who does not have the Son of God does not have life.



  (Heb 12:25)  See to it that you do not refuse him who speaks. If they did not escape when they refused him who warned them on earth, how much less will we, if we turn away from him who warns us from heaven?


(Rev 7:10)  And they cried out in a loud voice: "Salvation belongs to our God, who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb."


HalleluYaH (Praise you YH)!